UPDATE (6th June, 2017): the Flag is now ready and all prided ribbons are on it! So you could not add yours… but join the flag which would be hold during the City Hall during the next days.

From 2015 the LGTB flag unfolds in Plaza de Cibeles (one of the symbols of our city) on the facade of the City Hall. A flag of 26 meters that was made by a mother and a volunteer of COGAM, which had been used many years during the Pride LGTB run.

That flag was damaged last year and this year comes an initiative of the City of Madrid so that, among all (Twitter: #YoHagoOrgullo), we add more than 100,000 colored ribbons to a new flag that will be used this year.

You are very welcome to participate visiting the City Hall in Plaza de Cibeles and put your prided ribbon on it: Whoever you love, Madrid loves you!