Welcome to COGAM: the LGTB+ Collective of Madrid

COGAM is a democratic, participatory, inclusive, independent and non-profit organization. We have worked for more than 30 years for LGTB+ Human Rights and and for a more plural and respectful society, promoting the conditions allowing that freedom and equality for all people and for the diverse groups in which they are integrated are real and effective without exclusions.    (see also Wikipedia)

Our strength and independence flow from our members. Join us! Things won’t change on their own… so find strength in numbers to keep on fighting for your rights, and keep changing History!


People & Interests

17 may international day against LGBTphobia

17 de mayo es el día mundial contra la LGTBfobia
Ven a la concentración y participa: 17M 19:30 Plaza de Callao

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