Welcome to COGAM: the LGTB+ Collective of Madrid

COGAM is a democratic, participatory, inclusive, independent and non-profit organization. We have worked for more than 30 years for LGTB+ Human Rights and and for a more plural and respectful society, promoting the conditions allowing that freedom and equality for all people and for the diverse groups in which they are integrated are real and effective without exclusions.    (see also Wikipedia)

Our strength and independence flow from our members. Join us! Things won’t change on their own… so find strength in numbers to keep on fighting for your rights, and keep changing History!


People & Interests

Visit us! (Puebla street, 9, Madrid)

COGAM is an open and diverse place. Most of the activities runs on the afternoon from 7PM to 9PM.

You can call us, drop us an email or send a WhatsApp if you need further information from LGBT+ Information service:

We publish an event calendar, which is unfortunatelly only in Spanish. So go ahead and practice your spanish visiting “el calendario en español”: http://www.cogam.es/actividades/

Nosotrxs Somos – Cuatro décadas de activismo LGTB+ en España

Nosotrxs Somos es una serie documental de César Vallejo, Paco Tomas y Rafael Lobo producida por RTVE/Playz que relata cuatro décadas de activismo LGTB+ en España, que queremos compartir con vosotrxs. Activistas de COGAM forman también parte del documental.

Esta es la canción dedicada al activismo LGTBI de Victor Algora, que abre la serie:


Y aquí los enlaces a RTVE / Playz para ver los capítulos de la serie:

Enlace a RTVE para ver el teaser
Enlace a RTVE: Cuando la homosexualidad en España era considerada delito y enfermedad
Enlace RTVE: Primera manifestación del Orgullo LGTB en España en 1977
Enlace a RTVE: Entrevista de “Los Javis” a J.L. Rodríguez Zapatero, ex-presidente del Gobierno



COGAM (get to know all details of our organization) develops many projects to  create awareness and foster the visibility of the diverse LGBT+ community. For example: instant HIV test, lectures in schools to inform about sexual and gender diversity, an information service for the LGBT+ community, etc.

This work could not be carried out without the help of our members and volunteers, and you can become one of them.

A monthly membership fee of 11€ is required for general membership. Persons under 25 may ask for a  reduced rate of only 6€.

Ours is a Public Interest Organization and therefore members enjoy a 25% reduction of the fees payed in their yearly tax returns, i.e. Out of every 10€ offered, 2.50€ will be deduced (in Madrid)

How to become a member?

Filling out this online form

In person at  Centro Asociativo Pedro Zerolo,

By email to: informacionlgtb@cogam.es  o

By phone:+34  915230070 (M-Th 5-9 p.m. ; Fr. 6-21 p.m.; Sat. 6-8 p.m.)


Are you traveling to Madrid and you need some LGTB+ counselling?

If you need LGTB information or support that you do not easily get on your origin country, contact us per email or per Whatsapp +34 602252243 before your travel to Madrid to check if our information desk volunteers could help you:  informacionlgtb@cogam.es